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  • Testament

  • Estate transfer

  • Shift and auxiliary shift

Testament - 1800 Euros

Legal aid

  • Complaints 

  • Contracts

  • Complaints

220 Euros per hour


  • Deed and settlement

  • Sales contract

  • Complaints

  • Eviction

  • Neighborhood disputes

Transfer of real estate - 1% of value (excl. taxes)


  • Eviction of tenant

4,500 Euros

Tax declaration

  • Submission of tax return

  • Tax advice

Tax return for non-residents 200 Euro (350 for two)


  • Help in the event of damage, loss or accidents. We help both in relation to Norwegian and Spanish insurance companies.

Contact us:           tel. 0047 - 22 411 211


Maria de Jorge Martinez

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Maria has lived in Norway for 10 years, and speaks Norwegian! She now practices as a lawyer in Spain, and can help with taxes, wills, contracts and other legal issues.


Robert Myhre

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Robert has extensive experience as a lawyer, and is the general manager of Myhre Advokatfirma. He is available both in Norway and at our office in Spain

We have offices in: Torrevieja, Alicante and Madrid

Why use a lawyer? 

As lawyers, we have knowledge of the law, and are up-to-date on practice. Lawyers also have insurance, so that clients do not suffer losses if something goes wrong. 

Why use us? 

We have offices in Oslo, Drammen, Torrevieja, Alicante and Madrid. We have both Norwegian and Spanish lawyers, and can also help in cases governed by both Norwegian and Spanish law. 

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